Introducing visual artist, Shilpi Sharma:


Shilpi Sharma is a visual artist, originally from New Delhi, India, and now based in Worcester.

Shilpi works primarily in watercolours, but also in mixed media, drawing and textiles. Drawing inspiration from nature, landscapes, travel, architecture and human emotions, Shilpi’s latest work will have the central theme of ‘Embrace the diversity’. We are very pleased to showcase Shilpi’s work as one of the newly commissioned pieces in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. We found out more from Shilpi about her inspirations and experiences:

Why did you want to be involved in this project with Worcester Arts Workshop?

It has always been a pleasure to work, visit and get involved in Worcester Arts Workshop’s activities. Along with art activities they have always been associated with social causes like women upliftment, LGBTQ+ or minorities rights.I believe they are positively contributing towards upliftment of the society.  Besides, it is a wonderful place and a melting point for a variety of creative mindsets such as music, crafts, art or drama theatre.

I think WAW is a perfect platform to represent to portray the message of  cultural harmony and unity.They are the right people to convey such messages in an appropriate manner bearing in mind the sensitivity of the subject.

What is challenging about bringing this work into a public space for people to see/hear for the first time?

Every individual can have their own interpretation of what the artwork is trying to convey. Hence as an artist it can be challenging at times to make a viewer see the same thought process and provoke the same reaction when the artwork was conceived in mind and brought to life on paper. As this art piece is especially about the challenges that many minority communities go through, I hope viewers can comprehend through it the need for a more inclusive society, irrespective of their backgrounds and culture. Viewers should consider this artwork to be symbol of positive change.

An art piece is made with a lot of thought behind every brush stroke, it is a piece of heart of an artist which has been poured out there. There is a lot of emotion connected to it and I would want the people to feel and connect to it in the similar manner.

Is your response to the recent Black Lives Matter protests bringing something new to your work ?

I have always been a very emotional, sensitive and aware artist. The recent Black Lives Matter protests across the world have inspired me to be a part of this movement to raise the profile of minorities in our community with the aim of promoting oneness in diversity .

As the subject is very close to my heart, there will be a subtle underlying message of unity and equality for all. There are few techniques which I will be introducing to bring together the project. I will be including few 3D techniques and use of different materials watercolour, pastels and coloured pencils together in a cohesive manner. I will be incorporating skin tones of different communities along with a joyful representation of colourful cultures, customs and festivals while also bringing out the issues faced by the communities.

My endeavour will be to bring out new hope with warm bright colours and convey a message to treat everyone with love and respect.

We’re looking forward to sharing Shilpi’s latest work in the coming weeks.

Author: Eleanor Miles

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