POSTPONED DUE TO COVID 19 – Learn to speak Beginners/Holiday Greek

This workshop has been postponed due to COVID19, We hope to begin this course W/C 1st June but we will keep you updated with confirmed dates as soon as we know them.  

Stay positive everyone. 

Purpose & Aims:

This course offers and prepares the “Complete Beginner” a basic command and understanding of Modern Greek.

I have yet to meet a person who has not been mesmerised by a Greek holiday.  The whole Greek experience never fails to attract and arouse the interest of a holidaymaker.  With a burning desire and longing to return again there is a definite thirst and curiosity to learn Greek in preparation for interaction, be it basic, with locals. …. and this is the core aim of this course!

The course is made up of various elements beginning with the basics – the alphabet… and guess where the word “alphabet” derives from…Greek of course!   I will cover days of the week, months of the year, family members, food, telling the time, directions with flexibility to accommodate the wants and needs of students.

As this is a short course and of mixed abilities, I will maintain a happy medium whereby the “quicker to learn” will be stimulated and challenged and the “slower to learn” will be encouraged to engage and feel at ease.

Role plays have proven to be a successful fun method of interaction and learning which I will incorporate after the first few weeks.

Learning Greek without mentioning the warm Greek culture, hospitality and Orthodox faith would be impossible as these are key elements which form what is Greece.

About me:  STELLA THORPE The Tutor

I was born in Worcester of a Greek mother and Serbian father and owe my Greek language skills to my dear maternal grandmother Stella who lived with my family, and with whom I shared my bedroom! From birth I was immersed into Greek, and it was the natural language for my mother to converse in, so the language was a big part of who I am.

I lived and worked in Crete for 8 years, an experience which truly enhanced and further developed my Greek language skills.

I taught Greek to Travel & Tourism students at Worcester College of Technology and also to Adult Beginners/Intermediate evening classes for almost 10 years which was very popular and well-reviewed.

I look forward to meeting you in May where we can begin our Greek Language Experience within the relaxing Third Space at Worcester Arts Workshop.


When: Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm

Date: 19th May - 21st July 2020 (10 weeks)

Price: £150 +bkg fee


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